Taking away the pests we find, bringing you back your peace of mind.

Hi, and thank you for visiting us online! My name is Joel Martin and I operate our family owned business, Countryside Pest Control.

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We are located in Denver, Pennsylvania and serve all of Lancaster County and the surrounding areas. I was raised on a farm here in Lancaster County. The values I learned on the farm, as well as more I learned as a young man working in the log cabin industry, are the values I stick to today. Honesty. Safety. Hard work. Being a friend to customers.

Joel with his Countryside Pest Control truck.

Our goal is not just to provide pest control but to help you get back your peace of mind. No one likes not feeling comfortable in their own home. When pests have become a problem, we can eliminate them. You will be able to relax and enjoy life again.

We have learned that our best advertising comes from overjoyed customers. This is another reason I treat your home or business place as if it were my own. We are all about being thorough, but refrain from selling you something you don’t need.

Joel Martin

If you’re looking for fast, friendly and reliable service—give us a call today!

Mole Control Service

"I had a mole infestation so bad

there were tunnels two feet deep all around my yard. My lawn tractor would sink and bottom out in the hidden tunnels. We tried every known trick to get rid of them, such as the Juicy Fruit gum trick and many others. Nothing worked and all the while they kept breeding and creating more deep tunnels. We had no predator to keep them under control.


We had several different pest control companies come and give us their recommendations. All of them wanted to use poison in our yard and they couldn’t promise results. We called Countryside Pest Control and Joel was the first one to suggest trapping them. With each visit he trapped more and more star-nose moles. The price was unbeatable and I knew they were finally under control without the use of poison. The proof was in the catch.

I have since recommended Countryside to neighbors and friends. They too have had the same success with the removal of pests. Joel knows his traps and he knows his animals. I highly recommend calling Countryside Pest Control for your options on pest issues."

GP, Reinholds, PA

Opossum Control Service

"Our experience with Joel

was very positive. He provided prompt response, was professional and very effective.


He cleared our property of problem critters. We are very pleased!"

Janet & Tom, Lancaster County, PA