Spotted Lanternfly Control

adult spotted lantern fly
By Walthery - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Has the spotted lanternfly invaded your place? Countryside Pest Control now offers control for the spotted lanternfly, a planthopper that is native to parts of Asia, and was first detected in Pennsylvania in Berks County in 2014 (Wikipedia). Most of our customers are aware that the Spotted Lantern Fly just showed up in our area in the last several years.

While tree pests are not something we would normally pursue, we believe that to better serve our customers we need to take the spotted lanternfly
on. Treatment protocol and products continue to evolve as more is learned about this invasive pest. Rest assured we will strive to recommend what we feel is best for your particular situation. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions. For general information about this pest as well as information about what you can do as a homeowner, we recommend going to the PA Department of Agriculture's website.

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"We HAD an infestation of yellow-jackets into the framing of our house through a dormer soffit. I called 4 different 'pest control agencies' with inquiry pertaining to cost and availability. My last call ( to Countryside ) offered the shortest time frame and least expense by far. They were out to the house within hours (not days as the other three companies ) and were most efficient in bringing the yellow-jackets to their end. There was no sign of any activity less than half a day after the application.

Additionally, Countryside warrented their work for 60 days as opposed to only 30 days from the other companies. I could not be more pleased with doing business with this company and as such heartily recommend their services should you need their services.