Protect Your Log Cabin or Wood Structures

Prior to coming to the pest control field I worked in the log cabin industry...


This experience has been valuable in helping me understand construction in general and also what it takes to keep your log cabin looking beautiful.

The first visitors to show up at your cabin are usually carpenter bees. But there are many other bugs that enjoy living in and behind the wood. Then the woodpeckers come to join the party—now get ready for some real damage! The wood peckers are normally going for the bugs that are in the wood. So what do I do about it?

First, I’ll treat the bugs by going over the whole structure treating cracks, crevices and bee holes with insecticide dust. This usually takes a good bit of time to do properly.

Now we’ve removed the food source for the woodpeckers, and protected the wood from insect damage. Since woodpeckers are a protected species, we can’t do anything to harm them, but if they still persist we can set up various scare devices that are usually effective.

Protect your investment from the pests that would like to eat it!

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"We HAD an infestation of yellow-jackets into the framing of our house through a dormer soffit. I called 4 different 'pest control agencies' with inquiry pertaining to cost and availability. My last call ( to Countryside ) offered the shortest time frame and least expense by far. They were out to the house within hours (not days as the other three companies ) and were most efficient in bringing the yellow-jackets to their end. There was no sign of any activity less than half a day after the application.

Additionally, Countryside warrented their work for 60 days as opposed to only 30 days from the other companies. I could not be more pleased with doing business with this company and as such heartily recommend their services should you need their services.