Termites & Powderpost Beetles

Don’t let wood destroying insects ruin your home.


Termites are well known for the damage they can cause to structures. Wood destroying beetles can also do extensive damage if conditions are in their favor.

For termites we have 2 options, bait or liquid. Liquid treatment is often our first choice as it gives a long lasting barrier. For more sensitive situations baiting is the preferred method.

For powderpost beetles we need to treat the wood itself. If you find wood damage, mud tubes or insects that you can’t identify, give us a call and we’ll be glad to check it out.

If you’re looking for fast, friendly and reliable pest control service—give us a call today!

"We HAD an infestation of yellow-jackets into the framing of our house through a dormer soffit. I called 4 different 'pest control agencies' with inquiry pertaining to cost and availability. My last call ( to Countryside ) offered the shortest time frame and least expense by far. They were out to the house within hours (not days as the other three companies ) and were most efficient in bringing the yellow-jackets to their end. There was no sign of any activity less than half a day after the application.

Additionally, Countryside warrented their work for 60 days as opposed to only 30 days from the other companies. I could not be more pleased with doing business with this company and as such heartily recommend their services should you need their services.